"A guitar on my lap, thunderstorms would roll in and the power would go out. Dad would say to me "go get my mandolin." Beverages sat on a sheet of plywood balanced on the metal trash can in the garage. Garage door hanging in the ceiling so we could get a wide view of the storm. We'd play folk tunes and accumulate neighbors in lawn chairs while watching the storm pass. Dad's Coleman camp stove, mom's pot of espresso, friends, and every thing about every storm seemed quite perfect. That's how I grew up, grew to love a good thunder storm, and grew to love  music."

Today, my music is inspired by the richness of embedded personal experiences. Hi, and thanks for taking a moment to learn more about me and my music. 

I'm a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a music education from Berklee College of Music.  My music combines with an extensive background in advertising and branding. This combination has naturally guided my specialty--brand and commercial music. I compose, perform and produce original audio brands, custom music, jingles, and soundtracks. Projects also include music placements for commercials, independent film, television programs, documentaries and reality shows that currently are - or have aired on networks ABC, NBC, PBS, MTV, The Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Planet X and a few Canadian and Mexican Networks.


2008 Honorable Mention - Original Song Contemporary Folk - Billboard's 16th Annual World Songwriting Competition
2008 Honorable Mention - Original Instrumental - Billboard's 16th Annual World Songwriting Competition

Emmy Awards 
2014 Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Musical Composition
2015 Emmy Nomination - Outstanding Musical Composition
2018 Emmy Award - Outstanding Musical Composition and Arrangement

Davey Awards 
2008 Original Music for Television (2)
2009 Original Music Score
2012 Original Music for Radio
2012 Original Music for Television 
2013 Original Music for Television (2)

Telly Awards
2008 Original Music Score
2009 Jingle (2)
2009 Use of Music (2)

Hermes Awards
2009 Original Musical Composition (3)

Communicator Awards
2009 Music/Jingle (2)
2009 Original Music Podcast
2009 Use of Music Television/Radio (8)
2011 Original Music Television/Radio (4)
2013 Jingle (2)
2013 Music Production
2013 Original Music Television/Radio
2014 Original Music Television/Radio (2)
2014 Music/Jingle


Notable Collaborations 

Contributed to music collections for Musicians for a Cause with artists Carly Simon, Livingston Taylor, Natalie Merchant, and Johnny Neal


Notable Network Placements